What the 'eck is a Ceilidh?

Fair point... a ceilidh is a traditional Scottish get together featuring music and dancing.. not dodgy disco dancing or 'dancing around your handbag' dancing, the dances have set moves. Not to worry though, they're dead easy and our wonderful caller Dougie will guide you through each dance. No experience needed and a few mistakes here and there are all part of the fun!


Ceilidhs are a great way for people of all ages, shapes and sizes to dance and have a great time together. Due to the nature of the dances partners are swapped regularly so its a great way for complete strangers to get to know each other!

Ben plays the fiddle in the band and is an established solo artist and theatre performer. He also teaches music in schools and records soundtracks and soundscapes.

Tom plays the drums and percussion in the band He also plays as a session drummer for a number of different artists and musical groups

Will sings and plays guitar and is also the singer in the band 94 Gunships as well as being a covers artist in and around Nottingham. He has a very gravelly voice!

Dougie is the caller and teaches the dances. He has a wealth of experience and will be the person you communicate with when booking.

Who's Who